It’s always hard for a composer to describe their own composing style. Personally, I would describe my music mostly influenced by the romantic era and its diversity, but also by many other genres and syles from many different eras, e.g. Jazz, Pop Music, Minimalism etc. I try to follow some of the ideas and rules that applied to classical music (esp. music of 19. – early 20. century), but not too obsessive. If my idea, my feelings or my intentions are not compatible with the compositional rules of the time, I will circumvent those rules in order to preserve my actual plan.

I mainly write for the piano or organ, but also for small ensembles, solo instruments and sometimes big band or orchestra. Additionally I wrote a big piece for choir together with the YCC.


Music of 2021-22 Cover

Trio Dramatico

from the album Music of 2021-22 (2023)

YCC’s “Big Album Project”, the first album in two years. The violin part was played by Nataliya Kysil.

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Mill Wheel’s Waltz (2021)

from the upcoming album Piano Narrations (2024)

One of the first pieces I composed for the album.

Bagatelle en a-Mixolydien

from the album Short Piano Pieces (2021)

The first YCC album we made. For this many YCC members composed little pieces for piano which the 5 members from Munich recorded professionally on a grand piano.

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The official film music album to the movie I released together with Adrian Cipriani. (2021)
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Nico’s Trip to the Moon

Self-composed soundtrack for the movie “A Trip to the Moon” from 1902. (2020)

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Cover: Earl


An orchestral album together with Lennart Kling under the name “Victonika” (2020)

I composed Xylophone, Black Vocals, Fight in the Moonlight, Heir Apparent, Prediction, The Suspects of Oslo, Deserve, Princess and Forget about the Thrones

Cascata (2020)

from the upcoming Album Piano Narrations (2024)

I started composing this piece in 2019. An earlier version of this piece was re-used under the name “Mare” for the movie SOMNIUM


from the EP dawn (2020)

Part of the 3 first pieces YCC ever released on May 1st 2020.

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